Sybella Health Presents:
A Mother Daughter Dream Getaway 
In The Magnificent Whitsundays!
A Luxurious, All-Inclusive 3-Day Getaway for
Mums to Connect with their Tween Daughters.
 Sybella Health Presents:
A Mother Daughter
Dream Getaway 
In The Magnificent Whitsundays!
A Luxurious, All-Inclusive 3-Day Getaway for
Mums to Connect with their Tween Daughters.

Book your tickets before the 31st of July and receive $300 OFF Mother Daughter Dream Getaway!

This is an intimate event so spots are limited!
Once places are filled we cannot accept any more registrations.

Would you like to create a stronger more meaningful connection with your tween daughter?

Would you like a safe, relaxing and fun environment to learn how to achieve this?

Then this Mother Daughter Dream Getaway is for you.

Do you ever look at your 10, 11 or 12 year old tween daughter and think 'Am I doing things right?' 

Do you wonder if you have what it takes to transition your relationship into the teenage years and beyond?

Are you loosing the connection you once had? 

Psychologist Christine Franklin and Social Worker Natasha Leaver are parenting experts and both Mums themselves who have survived the TWEEN TRANSITION.

They understand the challenges and have created this DREAM GETAWAY to ease your anxieties and support you and your daughter to strengthen your bond and celebrate your special mother-daughter relationship.

We know the joys of parenting a daughter also bring with it so many anxieties - none more than when she is transitioning into womanhood - a time when she is wanting to be free to explore her own identity, but you want her close to ensure her safety.

You want to give her the freedom to express her individuality AND you want to stay connected... 

Parenting is tough!

Christine and Natasha have created this unique weekend getaway to give you the essential tools to navigate the next few years. 

3 powerful days packed-full of fun activities, informative workshops, fabulous food, luxurious accommodation, as well as plenty of one-on-one time for you to strengthen your special bond.

And let's be honest...

Your relationship ISN'T going to transform without some work.

If you're serious about creating a strong foundation for long term, calm and meaningful connection with your daughter...

This will be the most important event you
attend as a Mother of a tween daughter


Because after 3 days with parenting and mental health experts Christine and Natasha, you'll have tapped into techniques that will enable you to:

  • Build and stay connected with your daughter as she grows into a woman without fear .
  • ​Improve communication and handle conflict with your daughter, leaving her with the greatest capacity to facilitate healthy relationships (including the one with herself!) .
  • Break the cycle of difficult behaviours in your teen, and leave with a supportive and resilient relationship (shown to lower rates of mental health problems in teenagers!).
  • ​Build confidence in your parental discipline, know how to set boundaries and expectations that will set your daughter on the path to success.
  • ​Abolish 'Mother's Guilt' and 'not being enough,' know how to approach parenting without the heavy burden of harsh self-criticism, judgement and shame.
  • Eliminate the overwhelm and confusion on 'how to parent' 
  • ​Understand your daughters needs and exactly how to meet to them during the transition from 'Tween' to 'Teen.'

Mother Daughter Dream Getaway is designed specifically for Mum's and their tween daughters to experience significant improvements to their relationship...

Without the fluff

Without the anxiety and confusion

And without the everyday distractions.


Sybella Health is facilitating and this unique and exclusive event in the spectacular, natural wonderland of The Whitsunday Region!

This intimate, 3-day Getaway is an opportunity for you to renew and strengthen your bond with your daughter away from the bustle and busyness of everyday life.

The best part?


We've taken care of everything from Thursday night through to Sunday Midday... 

Airport transfers, 3 night’s accommodation, all meals, tours, workshops and activities all on us!

So you can focus on building precious memories during specialised one-on-one time with your daughter as well as group activities with other mother-daughter duos!

You'll have NOTHING to think or worry about as you experience the perfect blend of fun, laughter, self-development and bonding activities.

Have we mentioned it's all taking place in the stunning Whitsunday Islands in a 4 Star Resort?

This is what our time together will look like...

Half: Specialist Parenting Workshops
Half: Dream Getaway Mother-Daughter Time!


A special vacation! Creating precious memories in a stress-free environment with your tween daughter.

What's included:
  • Exclusive 4 star resort accommodation: Just Mum and daughter will be sharing in 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom units, each with stunning panoramic views of the Coral Sea and the Whitsunday passage!
  • Activities Beyond The Workshop: Full day Whitsunday Great Barrier Reef adventure, boat trip to Whitehaven Beach, bushwalking, snorkelling, swimming, visit to island resort and more! 
  • Individual mother-daughter photoshoot with a professional photographer to capture your special connection and preserve precious memories.
  • All-Inclusive Cover: Airport transfers, 3 night’s accommodation, all meals, tours, workshops and activities are covered in one price!

A unique learning and implementation experience! Expert workshops on parenting techniques specific to tween daughters.

What's included:
  • 4 dedicated workshops delivered by Psychologists and Social Workers offering you strategies and techniques to manage and deepen your mother-daughter relationship.
  • ​​Easy access to all facilitators throughout the 3 days: Our parenting and well-being experts are readily available for support, advice, education or guidance.
  • An intimate, hands on workshop experience: Only 10 mother daughter pairs in attendance to ensure exclusive access to facilitators.
  • On-going access to professional support if required/desired beyond the weekend.
  • BONUS: Includes workshop notes and a copy of “The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters” by Amanda Stokes

This opportunity is for you if you want to:

  • Build a meaningful connection with your daughter away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Work closely with parenting and wellbeing experts to improve the resilience of your mother-daughter bond.
  • ​Have incredible one-on-one time with your daughter experiencing activities such as bush walks, lunch on the beach, the Great Barrier Reef and more!
  • ​Feel supported as you learn and implement new parenting techniques specified for tween daughters in emotion- management, discipline, communication and more!
  • ​Do it all in a spectacular Whitsunday Islands in a 4 Star Resort where everything is taken care of - you just need to show up!

Christine Franklin
With a background in education and psychology Christine has over twenty years’ experience working with parents to improve well-being and bring about positive family functioning.

As a parent herself, Christine understands the many challenges of parenting in today’s world and supports her clients to respond to these challenges with compassion, respect, kindness and optimism. 
Her positive approach is recognised as effective and life-affirming.
Christine promotes the use of mindfulness-based practices and her therapeutic approach is informed by the research around self-compassion, acceptance, gratitude and positive parenting. Her private practice, Sybella Health has been servicing the Whitsunday region for nine years, providing a safe, compassionate, and confidential therapeutic space for her clients to address life’s challenges and find solutions to move forward.
Natasha Leaver
Social Worker
Natasha is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with extensive experience working with children and families. Natasha has worked across a range of settings including Non-Government, Government, school based, community and private practice.
With teenagers of her own, Natasha understands the complexities of raising well-balanced children in a fast-paced world. She is passionate about supporting parents to create and maintain healthy attachments with their children and has used her training in numerous parenting programs to deliver exceptional and proven techniques to parents with her private practice, Social Mind Health.

They say it takes a village to raise a child but sometimes it's hard to find the support or guidance we need. Not anymore.
Join a small group of other mums and their tween daughters and together we can...
  • Create memories to build on and strengthen your connection
  • Understand your daughter and KNOW how to meet her needs without the stress and overwhelm 
  • Action responsible parenting without the heavy burden of harsh self-criticism, judgement and shame.
  • ​Build confidence in your own parenting and discipline techniques'
  • ​​Refine conflict resolution and coping skills to facilitate a more connected mother-daughter relationship
  • ​Catch the 'anxieties' of raising a teenage girl early, fully equipped to handle the needs of your teen daughter.

Dream Getaway is a unique, hands-on experience including Workshops specifically for Mums.

Together with other Mum's from across Australia you'll work closely with two parenting-relationship experts to facilitate a healthy growing relationship with your teen...

And even better?

While you're participating, your daughter will be fully-supervised in fun activities including floral art, aqua aerobics, and a treasure hunt. 

Take a look at everything we will be doing over our time together...

Workshop One
Growth Mindsets for Super Mums
You'll work directly with experts to build confidence in your relationship with your daughter. We'll equip you with the tools necessary to have the confidence and clarity in your parenting and role as a Mother during your daughters transition from Tween to Teen.

You'll walk away with the tools required to manage anxiety, depression and self-doubt in yourself and your daughter!

Workshop Two
Raising a Resilient Daughter
Understand exactly what your Tween needs from her Mum. You'll discover how to deal with difficult emotions and identify the triggers early.

You'll learn the simple tactics for managing heartache and the most effective approach for mindful parenting strategies.

Workshop Three
Managing Tween Girl Tantrums
Healthy boundaries -what are they? We'll deep dive into how to effectively set and maintain healthy boundaries and expectations to manage your teens difficult behaviours.

Leaving you with the knowledge and skills to discipline effectively without guilt.
Workshop Four
Pre-Teens & Transitions:
How to Help your Daughter Navigate change
Inside this game-changing session you'll uncover how to stay connected with your daughter well into adulthood. Learning how to remain supportive in times of conflict, approach self compassion and how to implement values based parenting.

This one is all about managing the teen transition and sustaining your relationship with your daughter.
Creative Art Class
This one is for Mums and Daughters! Together you'll participate in a creative art workshop, working with an Art Therapist to create a symbol of your bond and connection.

And the best part is, it's a keepsake! So you'll get to take your artwork crafted together home with you.

 The Dates:

Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th September 2021

 The Location:

Toscana Village Resort, Airlie Beach Accommodation

This is an intimate event so spots are limited.
Once places are filled we cannot accept any more registrations.

Mother Daughter Dream Getaway is designed specifically to be the perfect balance between professional input and having fun, special time-out with your daughter.


This jam-packed powerful 3-days together includes:

  • 5 specialised, expert-led workshops 
  • ​3 night’s accommodation in a beautiful, Whitsundays 4 star resort 
  • ​All Meals
  • ​Local Tours
  • ​All activities (bushwalking, snorkelling, swimming, Great Barrier Reef exploring and more!)
  • ​Direct access to all expert facilitators 
  • ​Airport transfers 
  • ​And countless opportunities for memories and bonding with your daughter!



Yes! This includes all of the above for you AND your daughter.

PLUS if you book before July 31st you'll receive an early-bird discount of $300 OFF

Leaving a total of ONLY $4675 

BUT This 3-day workshop may sell out and once it's full, it's FULL.

This one-time opportunity to deepen your bond with your daughter in a spectacular and relaxing 4 star resort is an intimate event, only available to a small number of Mother-Daughter duos.

Book your tickets and secure your place today!

Your future relationship with your daughter depends on it.


 The Dates:

Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th September 2021

 The Location:

Toscana Village Resort, Airlie Beach Accommodation

To Cost:



This is strictly an intimate event so spots are limited.
Once places are filled we cannot accept any more registrations.


How old can my daughter be for us to attend?

10, 11 or 12. The Mother Daughter Dream Getaway is about the transition from tween to teen so this age is critical to attend the event.

How do I get to The Whitsundays?

The closest airport to us is Whitsunday Coast (Also called Proserpine "PPP" in airline code). Several flights leave Brisbane for the Whitsunday Coast every day and commute is 1.5 hours. Transfers via coach from the airport to your accommodation are included in the cost of Dream Getaway.

Are airfares included?

This is the only cost not included in the Dream Getaway package. You are responsible for booking travel to the Whitsundays. Our special event kicks-off at 6pm Thursday 2nd of September, please plan to arrive with plenty of time.

The schedule seems jam-packed, will there be down time to relax with my daughter?

Yes, absolutely. While we have included lots of fun activities and important workshops we have been careful to make sure there is still time for you to connect one-on-one with your daughter at the resort (or you can hit the foreshore and shops of Airlie Beach). 

Will I need extra spending money?

Once you arrive, all your accommodation, tours, food and entertainment is taken care of. You may choose to bring spending money for additional souvenirs or treats but it is not necessary.

Yes, I want to bond with my tween daughter in the luxurious Whitsunday Islands!
This is an intimate event so spots are limited!
Once places are filled we cannot accept anymore registrations.